And Even Dust Burst Into Flames,  2016      
Nef latérale Mixed Media Installation     
approx. 63x63x244                                                                        

C-Print 59,4 x 84,1 cm

Covering as reification of drawing boundaries between public and private has to be seen as a daily practise by individuals to secure feelings of safety and property. With her works, Wie-yi T. Lauw investigates this practice as a symbolic act. Though we come across acts of covering frequently, we usually ignore them in our daily life. By abstracting photographs of things with their covers, T. Lauw allows the hidden to emerge without making things visible. When shells in public spheres always allude to the private, the abstracted and isolated forms appear like a veritable transfiguration of the private itself. Ghostly and haptically at the same time, the photographs tackle veiling as a space strategy of preserving the private and securing relations. At the same time the abstract forms of the invisible challenge the viewer ́s own spatial perceptions in a vacuum of the hidden.

Lynn Busch